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darrah - July 14

I'm in a relationship with my partner for more than 4 years. We had plans to build a family, but for now we are concentrating in saving up for the future. For the past 4 years of wonderful relationship, we had regular sex and I don't take any b/c pills or so. The only method we apply is withdrawal. Never been pregnant, and I think for the longest time, this method is effective for us. I would like to know, does any of you using the same method? Please share your story.


Gill - August 21

we are also into withdrawal birth control method for more than 2 years. i think it's effective for us and i have no plans to take any bc pills to not get pregnant.


contessa - August 21

maybe it really depends on both of you, as a partner.


denise - August 22

pull out method works on us too. i am comfortable enough with this method for more than 5 years and i trust my partner.


dillane - August 22

this method is safe and effective if your husband/partner will got to do it right every single time.


Clia - September 4

my boyfriend and i would like to try this method but i am scared if doesn't have that control one need to perfect it. :/


colleen - September 8

i guess it is really effective when done correctly. self-control is very important and experience as well.


dianne - September 9

your partner should know when he is reaching the point to ejaculation to better execute the timing to pull out.


vanna - September 10

the good thing about pull-out method is that there are no hormonal or medical side effects listed and it is free anytime, anywhere.


Angelika - September 11

if you had it practiced for more than 4 years and you didn't get pregnant, then maybe this method is really effective for you.


perry - September 11

statistics shows that out of a hundred couples who were into withdrawal, done correctly, about 80% will not get pregnant.



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