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Is Your Sexual Relationship A Healthy One?

Starting a new sexual relationship can be exciting and rewarding, however it can also be daunting. With over forty types of STDs and millions of people newly infected each year, the issue of STDs cannot be ignored. 15 million people become infected with STDs each year in the US alone. By the age of 24, one in every three sexually active people will have had an STD. The statistics are alarming but steps can be taken to ensure that your new sexual relationship is a healthy one.

STD Testing

It may seem awkward but STD testing is the most sensible step to take before embarking on a sexual relationship. You can either go to your family practitioner or to one of many specialist clinics. Privacy is respected and you will not have to wait very long for the results. You cannot tell from looking at someone whether they have an STD or not. In many cases, people don't even know themselves.

Many STDs such as chlamydia are asymptomatic in the early stages. This means that you don't feel any obvious symptoms. Unfortunately there are many STDs that can cause extensive damage to a woman's reproductive organs if not treated effectively. It may seem very unappealing to convince your partner to get tested but it will give you both the confidence to embark on a new relationship.

Annual Medical Checks

Everyone should have an annual checkup with their doctor. In particular, women should regularly see a gynecologist for an examination and any necessary checks. If you have any concerns about your sexual activity or possible symptoms of STDs, you should ask your doctor for advice. Your doctor will also advise you about birth control methods. There are many options available, but only condoms will help to prevent the spread of STDs.

Dating Services

Many people are now turning to web sites and dating services in the search for a partner. When dating people previously unknown to you, it is very important that you become familiar with their sexual history before starting a sexual relationship.

Most online dating services do not address the issue of STDs. A number of niche dating sites are emerging to help STD sufferers to find a partner in an open and honest environment. Sites that exist for people living with HIV or herpes, can offer sufferers a place to feel accepted without being stigmatized.


Some STDs can be cured with antibiotics and others have no cure and can affect you for the rest of your life. Nobody wants to worry about STDs when starting a new and exciting sexual relationship but it is an unavoidable reality. The best way to start a healthy sexual relationship is with honesty, STD testing and regular medical check ups.

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