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Sex and Romance: Male Erogenous Zones

Want to spice up your love life? Why not add a little more passion to your sex life by exploring your partner's oh-my hotspots or in other words his erogenous zones? The erogenous zones in both men and women are cluttered with over 4 million sensitive nerve endings.

If stimulated these sensitive zones stir up a storm of pleasure and sexual feelings. Read on to find out how to get more intimate with your partner by exploring the unfamiliar male erogenous zones.

Erogenous Zones in Men

Tease your partner by skipping the usual "hot spot" and going for the erogenous zones he may never realized he had. The primary erogenous zone in men is the penis, however the penis is only one of the seven erogenous zones that males have.

Surprise him by exploring his six other libido increasing spots, which include the:

  • Scalp. The scalp is packed with rich nerve endings that respond surprisingly well to touch. Ruffle and tease your partner's hair by running your fingers through his hair to get him interested. If your significant other has a shaved head, treat him with a soothing scalp massage with an essential oil. Scalp massages are extremely relaxing and at times extremely seductive.
  • Lips. The lips are key, spend time exploring differing kissing techniques to change up things. Try nibbling or a little sucking while kissing to put the spice back in your romance.
  • Back of knees,and inside of elbow. Who would have guessed the layer of skin covering the inside of the elbows and the back of knees were sensitive to touch? A little caressing of these areas with your fingertips will sure bring an interested smile across his face.
  • Small of back. The small of the back is packed with touch receptors and when stroked can elicit warm fuzzy feelings. Caress the small of his back softly in a suggestively seductive way. Play some music to help set the mood.
  • Perineum. To catch him off guard, gently stroke the sensitive area of skin behind his scrotum near his prostate gland known as his perineum. This area will make him succumb to your flirtatious ways and gain his undivided attention.



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