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Is Medication Necessary?

Depression Happens To Many People

If there weren't "blue" times in a person's life, we'd wonder if they were living on the same planet as us.  Transitory feelings of loneliness, sadness or discouragement are very normal and can be expected, especially during trying times.  Should these feelings linger for weeks on end and become more severe with a sense of hopelessness or despair, there's a good chance depression has paid a visit.

Today, depression is not only very common, but very treatable as well.  Statistics indicate that 80 to 90 percent of people suffering with depression can be treated effectively and most people who receive treatment benefit from it. 

The challenge for many people is that they fail to recognize the illness and hence suffer without treatment for long periods of time.  A visit to the health care professional can provide a diagnosis and treatment plan that can be quickly initiated. Professionals in healthcare management are able to discern the different types of depression and deduce the best treatment path, be it medication or other.

There Is Help Available

Sometimes it is possible to treat depression with simple changes to the diet, the addition of exercise and adequate sleep.  Other times, psychological help is necessary.And, there are times when medications are the ticket to freedom for those suffering with depression.These medicines, called antidepressants, are prescription drugs available only through the health care provider and pharmacy.

Often, with the help of antidepressants, those suffering with depression can find their way back to a normal way of life. These drugs are not magic pills; they do come with risks along with the benefits and need to be monitored by the doctor to keep track of how well they're working as well as any side-effects of the drugs.  Taking antidepressants is not a sign of weakness. The evidence stacks up in their favor in terms of helping people overcome the symptoms of depression.

Different Methods For Different People

Most frequently children and youth are helped with depression through psychological treatments - it's the first choice for both the medical professional and the patient.  However, for adults it seems prescription medications are a much more effective line of treatment.  Mild or moderate depression can sometimes be helped with psychotherapy and a short-term round of medication to get the person motivated toward therapy and exercise.

It is an established line of thought that exercise is a component of natural mood enhancement.  Adding exercise to the equation helps to create a foundation for life style changes which can lead to a drug-free method of handling any episodes after treatment is complete.

Not A Magic Bullet

Antidepressants have been proven to help people suffering with various levels of depression to gain control over feelings of hopelessness, extreme sadness and the disinterest in life that is often so evident.  There is a wide variety of medications available to treat depression. Typically they are used for four to six months, unless the situation warrants longer usage. 

Again, it is important to remember that these medications are not magic pills and while they can help a person feel better, antidepressants cannot solve all of their problems.



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