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Infertility Treatment

If you've already been clinically diagnosed as infertile, you know how overwhelming the options can be. If fertility drugs like clomid and hormone shots aren't working, or if you require a more drastic approach, then you will face many tough decisions in trying to decide which treatment will be right for you and how to finance those ferility options.  Learn more about your fertility treatment options and make an informed decision about what to do next.  

Fertility Treatments

Besides the very expensive option of IVF, there are a variety of other medical treatments available, many of which involve artificial insemination or implantation of a fertilized egg into your uterus- generally known as assisted reproductive technology (ART). Of course there is also the option of surgery. Although this approach is generally more common for women, who may require tubal ligation or diagnostic laparoscopy, any man wishing to become a father again after a vasectomy may request having it surgically reversed.  An IUI or ICSI may also be needed to help creat that child you have always wanted.  Learn more about how an IUI procedure is performed.  IUI is actually a common procedure often used in conjunction with ovarian stimulating drugs like clomid and hormone shots.  This method of infertility treatment is also much less expensive than IVF and is covered by many medical insurance polices.  Find out more about IUI.

Ovarian drilling may be another option some women may want to consider, especially if Clomid fails to work.  Ovarian drilling may be what a women needs to stimulate ovulation and produce an egg for fertilization.  This may be a treatment that women with PCOS may have to consider is all other methods of ovulation stimulation fails.  Discover more about this and your many options for infertility treatment today.

Natural Treatment

However, that doesn't mean that the only treatment options available involve potentially invasive technology. There are also many alternative treatment options, such as acupuncture and reflexology, for those who wish to take a more natural approach. Some women can achieve natural fertility simply through diet by eating special foods for fertility.  In fact, studies have shown that relaxation techniques like massage and yoga, as well as acupuncture, have greatly increased the success rates of infertility treatments.  Also, many PCOS women can lessen the effects of their condition simply by eating a low carb, no sugar, healthy diet and by losing any excess weight.  Learn more about these easy remedies for fertility.

For more information on infertility treatment and fertility testing, visit fertilitytesting.co.uk. You can even take their free online ovulation calculator to help improve your odds of getting pregnant.  This site will give you indepth information on types of infertility, infertility treatments and drugs, and success rates for infertile couples.  You will also find information on the best ways to finance infertility treatments. 

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