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Post LAVH back pain and tissue in vaginal incision

Six months ago I had a complete LAVH hysterectomy. I started having increased pain after recovery and attributed it to being over active...well this week I went to the doctor and she told me that I have tissue left over from the surgery caught in my incision.

I had the cervix and the ovaries and womb out and she saw this when examing me for lower abominal and back pain. She prescribed Cataflam®, and is sending me to a GYN around here for a second opinion. I had the hysterectomy for endometriosis and cervical cancer cells. Can you tell me what this may be?

I have been having a lot of pain... and low grade temp. Also, I have excruciating pain right between the buttocks at the base of my spine, so I can't sit long and I can't stand to long...never comfortable! My bowels are all messed up one day cramping and hardly any movement and the next easy to go, so confusing!!

Please help....could it be cancer? could it be intestines caught in my incision? Did my surgeon do a sloppy job?

The tissue that you mention remaining in the incision depends upon which incision it is in. If it is in the abdominal incisions, it may represent a hernia of the bowels through the abdominal fascia. As you say, the bowels caught in the incision.

If it is in the vaginal incision, it could be bowel or fallopian tube. 

You do need to see the doctor who did the surgery. If there is any suspicion that bowel has herniated, you may need further surgery. It is possible that you are having complications from adhesions inside and that can even give a partial bowel obstruction with the symptoms you describe.

Any of the above complications can happen with any surgery, not necessarily related to doing it wrong.

The second problem is estrogen replacement. It sounds as if you are not on enough. What doses of estrogens are you taking? The incision that I was referring to was the vaginal incision. You need to return visit to the original or another gynecologic surgeon.

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