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Urinary Tract Problems

Frederick R. Jelovsek MD

Urinary tract infection after sexual relations

I've recently started having sex with a new partner. I have been experiencing pains in my lower abdomen and in my sides. It also hurts to urinate and I feel the urge to go often. Both of us have been in monogamous relationships up until now so there shouldn't be the chance of a STD. Any suggestions?

I had a biopsy of my cervix about 2 months ago which came back OK, but I am suppose to have another one in April. Could this be related to the pain in any way?

It is very likely that you have a urinary tract infection which needs to be treated with antibiotics. You need a urinalysis to be sure, but usually you can just go to the doctor's office and have one done without an appointment.

The pain is not related to the cervical biopsy. It may be related to just the trauma of sexual intercourse in which the urethra can be "rubbed" quite hard and sometimes traumatically.

Also with intercourse, even without an STD, bacteria from the vagina can be introduced into the female urethra. That is why you need to be checked for a bacterial infection.

Sometimes, for a while with a new partner, you may need an antibiotic after intercourse each time. This is how we treat urethral syndrome too.

Symptoms of urinary tract infection

I'm a 19 yo female. Yesterday when I urinated I had severe burning in the urethra and afterwards sharp pains in the pelvic area almost like cramps. Today I feel like I have to urinate all the time and when I do it stings and I feel a VERY strong pressure like there's something I need to pass through the urethra that just won't come and is very painful.

I also have bumps on the pubic area. I just started shaving not too long ago, I'm wondering if that has something to do with it? What is going on?

It sounds as if you have a urinary tract infection. You should see a doctor right away because antibiotics may be needed to prevent a more serious kidney infection.

I do not think the probable urinary tract infection is related to your shaving, but the bumps might be or they could be something else and your doctor will be able to offer some more advice after examination.

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Help Please! I am 47, Use to be married to a military guy so I have seen many doctors in different areas and been through many painful test. In my history I have met 2 doctors who understood what is going on with me, one dr his wife had same thing and 2nd dr his daughter had the same thing. What happens with me is that what seems to be uti after sexual relations ( or any kind of pressure on the clit such as a pap test or even too tight of jeans rubbing- learned that lesson horse back riding for hours in tight jeans no no) I void after sex followed all the dr rules all the way to white cotton underwear. What happens that in a day or so I pass blood! When passing blood I become in extreme extreme pain. I can not take sufar (?) drugs but microbid 100 works for me. (Not microdantion? ) but microbid yes. As long as I take 1 a day (sometimes 2 a day) I am find. .Once the blood stops the pain goes away. My cultures do not grow anything. I am not a child, been through painful test, It is not related to food, it is related to sexual relations and pressure on the clit. ( I even worked in a dr office for 8 years and have over heard dr and nurses saying after reading something on the internet how they do not see how that can be real, they just do not believe that that can happen--- they did not know that I had it) .... The problem is new area new doctor again..... I went yesterday and was yes given all the food charts and things to read ( which I read incase of anything new) I say everything as plain as I can. Please help me know how to help my dr to know what is wrong with me. This is urology place..... help me to help them know. You can not work at a new job or anything until you get it under control again. Just please help and pray they will understand.. I do not want pain meds, I do not want anti depress. meds, I just want a run of the antibotic meds to get over the major hump and then one a day to stay ok.. I look forward to hearing back from you and thank you.
12 years ago