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Timing is of the Essence

The reason many of us get into trouble with our diets is because of our eating habits. We have them. If you think about it, our nutritional needs change every few years and our diets should vary accordingly. In addition, time factors such as seasons play a part in our bodies' food requirements.

Children need fat and extra carbohydrates to grow and develop. They should not be on low fat and cholesterol free diets. Adults need less. Children consume a lot of sweets, which as adults they can't continue to do (and should not overdo as children either). Middle aged and aging adults need more calcium for their bones, and need to eat less unless they maintain an active lifestyle (which they should do). In winter, we're hungrier, in summer we're thirstier. Each season offers its natural bounty to meet the needs of our rhythmically sensitive metabolisms.

Things change over time

The key to a healthy eating regimen is to periodically reassess the changing needs of yourself and your family. You need to ensure that everyone follows a diet that meets their needs and satisfies their appetites. If we're eating at sixty like we did at 6 or at 40 like at 14, the numbers will be reflected on the scale and in our blood counts.

Check with your nutritionist or health professional as to how you can best supply your body with its proper sustenance for each time in your life. Each decade will then become the best of times.  Keep in mind that it's always the right time for fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as a cool refreshing glass of water. Here's to your health.

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