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Blow-drying or air-drying your hair: What's Better?

Can't make up your mind on whether you should dry your hair with a blow dryer or just by let your hair air dry? Both methods of drying carry their own pros and cons. To find out what these are, continue to read about beauty and not so beautiful things that these methods can bring to your hair.

Air Drying Hair

Air-drying. People with curly hair or low maintenance hairstyles often choose to air-dry their hair. But some women with long hair styles may also allow their hair to air dry to prevent their hair from being damaged from the intensive and/or improper use of blow dryer because spending to much time under the dry hair of a blow dryer can damage your hair.

If you choose to air dry your hair, remember that your hair is the most vulnerable to breaking and tearing when it's wet. So use a wide teeth brush to comb out wet hair and avoid rubbing your hair dry with a towel because the friction caused by rubbing will suck out the nutrients from your hair and can leave your hair brittle and prone to easily breaking.  This can also cause split ends to form.  So, instead of rubbing your hair with a towel, try blotting the moisture out of your hair with the towel and detangle your locks by using your fingertips. Also use your fingertips to fluff your hair and then let the air do the rest.

Blow Drying Hair

Blow Drying. Blow-drying seems like a perfect solution for most people who are on the go and don't have time to wait for their hair to air dry.  It is also a good idea to blow dry your hair on cold days when you shouldn't leave the house with a head full of wet hair.

In terms of style, blow-drying is also good for adding volume to flat hair.  Of course, more than anything else blow drying hair is convenient. But with convenience comes the risk of drying out your hair by improperly blowing your hair dry with a dryer.

So if you choose to blow dry your hair, make sure your hair isn't soaking wet. Blot out the moisture with a towel before blow-drying. Keep the hair dyer at lest four to six inches away from your hair. To avoid over-drying the outer strands of your hair flip your hair over with a brush and dry from under.  Then only use the blow dryer on the outer strands at the end when you are ready to style your hair.

Whatever method you choose, remember your hair is fragile and should be dried gently with care.

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