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Menopause, Diet & Exercise

The cycles of life can sometimes leave us feeling as though we're really running in circles. Menopausal mood swings, weight-gain, sleeplessness and hot flashes can take their toll in our day-to-day lives. While there are myriad natural and synthetic products on the market to control menopausal symptoms, diet and exercise can go a long way to alleviating many of the physiological manifestations of menopause.

Gain Strength Through Menopause Diet and Exercise

The thought that once we've hit menopause diet and exercise aren't effective is simply not true. As mature women, our muscles gain strength very quickly and including weight-bearing exercise in our weekly regimen helps develop bone mineral density, necessary to keep osteoporosis in check. It also encourages the flow of endorphins; those feel-good hormones that get us through the day with a smile on our face. Strength training can be beneficial in alleviating pain, too. Studies conducted several years ago by Wayne L. Wescott, Ph D, have stood the test of time, proving that exercise in mature people is of great benefit. Dr. Wescott is fitness research director at the South Shore YMCA in Quincy, Maine, consultant for numerous national organizations and has written many books and articles relating to health, fitness and weight training. Exercise, by encouraging a higher metabolic rate, means more energy is utilized, (or in simple terms, helps to use energy which is stored as fat), the heart is strengthened, and quality of life and mental health is improved dramatically.

Control Menopausal Symptoms

By doing regular, moderate weight training and cardio-vascular exercise, we enable our bodies to handle the changes, both physiologically and emotionally, that are brought about by menopause and the natural aging process. Strength training, combined with a diet which includes the correct balance of protein, complex carbohydrates and fat, a healthy lifestyle and positive mindset all contribute to going through menopause with less stress and more vitality.

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