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The Upside of Menopause

Most women dread menopause. And that's not just about dreading the unknown. After all, we've all heard about hot flashes and vaginal dryness, the need for HRT, the loss of libido. Other than not having to deal with a nasty mess every month and maybe saving some money on sanitary products like tampons and pads, what could possibly be positive about menopause?

As it turns out, quite a lot—at least according to the 3 women our earnest www.wdxcyber.com reporter interviewed for this article. Roberta, Adrienne, and Sarah* answered our questions with self-assured confidence and we were impressed by their positive attitudes.

Not a Facelift

Q: Are you comfortable with your status as a menopausal woman?

Roberta: Absolutely—it isn't like it's a facelift or something you do that isn't natural.

Q: What, if any, are the benefits you have experienced as a result of menopause?

Adrienne: I feel like I have more control over many aspects of my life - my emotions and mood aren't all over the place, I have no fear of pregnancy so sex is even better than when I was young, in fact I feel liberated.  My weight only jumps when I am overeating, my outlook on life is more considerate and more upbeat.  When I was getting periods, they were very irregular and I had ferocious cramps and PMS - I was at the mercy of my body which often felt like it was being uncooperative.

Did I say?  

And, did I say, that post-menopause the sex was really great?  Part of that is because I know what I can depend on my body—I haven't experienced vaginal dryness, and yes, I am taking hormones, but I was taking hormones (progesterone) for over 20 years prior to menopause.  The progesterone provided some regularity to my periods and diminished the PMS symptoms slightly—about 5 years before I started having any menopausal symptoms my doctor added a low dose of estrogen (Premarin) and I sort of eased into menopause.

Q: Do you find that you have a more stable, calm outlook on life since going into menopause?

Sarah: Most definitely.  Less frequent mood swings, more able to look at situations with a better balance—not at the mercy of hormones out of control.

Q: What have you changed in your routine to accommodate the physical changes in your body?

Roberta: I find that it is more difficult to lose weight than when I was younger, which I am sure is due to a lot of different factors and although I haven't changed anything in my routine, if I had the time I would add more exercise to my day.

Q: Anything else you'd like to add?

Sarah: I know that at age 58, I look good and feel good—I sometimes feel like a vitamin commercial—I eat well, exercise, schedule regular check-ups with appropriate doctors, drink lots of water and have a terrific and active sex life. Fewer things rattle me now and it isn't because I am detached, but rather because I can see clearer and make better choices that are less driven by changing emotions.

*Names have been changed


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Who are these women! They're talking as if menopause is a picnic. Well, it's not. If you get the dreaded heat flashes, which I did before HRT, then you know how difficult they can be. If you take HRT, then you have the constant wonder if you're doing the right thing due to the risks. And sex!! who wants that during menopause. I have absolutely zero desire for sex now and I'm younger than Sarah. Hmmmm......
12 years ago